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About Us...  Best Light Media is a start-up with its earliest origins spanning back only a few short years.  The brainchild of Sally Schwartz, it was an idea derived from necessity.  While working as a Registered Dental Assistant, she witnessed an Internet marketing evolution that left the dental community and many other service-based businesses in a lurch.  Sally realized there was a need for an enterprise level marketing solution that could bridge the gap between service-based companies and their clients. 

The natural approach to this challenge was to combine her two greatest passions, Sally’s experience within the medical community and her and her experience as a Freelance Photo/Journalist.  She enlisted her husband Dave, an electronics test engineer and Freelance Photographer/Videographer/Journalist.  While this dream originated within the medical community, the application of Sally's vision offers significant opportunity to all service-based providers. 

Best Light Media AZ brings a fresh approach to multimedia content providers.  The company is young, yet Sally and Dave are rich with decades of experience and a focus on customer service.  Best Light Media AZ is eager to help you tell your story better.

We recognize that we are not the only multimedia content provider in the market, but our customers and your clients will know we’re best. 

Best Light Media AZ - Dave SchwartzDave Schwartz - An Air Force veteran, Dave has spent the last 28 years working in the private sector as an Electronics Engineering Technician, Test Engineer and Field Service Manager.  He's contributed to a variety of companies on projects that range from national defense systems to sateillite comm and the manufacture of digital cameras, image capture and video systems. 

For 17 years he has worked as a Freelance Photo/Journalist, Videographer and Publisher of DaBelly.com.  His work has appeared in print and in online publications around the world. 
Best Light Media AZ - Sally SchwartzSally Schwartz - Sally has 34 years' experience as a Registered Dental Assistant for a handful of practices in Arizona, California and Montana.  She has served as Red Cross Dental Chairperson at Clark AB, Republic of the Philippines, and as Back Floor Supervisor for several larger corporate clinics. 

For 17 years she has worked as a Freelance Photo/Journalist for DaBelly.com.  She is a skilled photographer with vast experience using Adobe products including Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere and After Effects.  

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